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Meet Our Experienced Dentist

We’re a group of professional dental care practitioners whose mission is to provide the highest level of dental healthcare to all patients.

We have all the skills and resources to manage all your health needs.

Dr. T'ng Chee Horng

Dental Implantologist

Dr. Choo Mun Kwan
Orthodontic Practitioner
Dr. Tan Xue Yen
Esthetic Dentist
Dr Jessica Lau Yii Huey
Esthetic Dentist
Dr Ng Wen Chuan
Esthetic Dentist (Part-time Dentist)
Dr Lim Pei Xuan
Esthetic Dentist (Part-time Dentist)
Dr Ong Chun Chieh
Esthetic Dentist (Part-time Dentist)

our team members

Millennium Care Dental Surgery, Bukit Mertajam

Roslina Bt Che Jailani
Wann Amira Bt Mohamed Noor
Azizah Bt Hanapi
Siti Nazurah Binti Zainol Abidin
Vikneswary A/P Thanabal
Nurul Syahira Binti Roslan
Nor Shafiqah Binti Mohd Rizal

Millennium Care Dental Center, Jelutong

Nur Shazana Bt Mohd Shahid
Siti Noor Aishah Bt Baharuddin
Bhohavathi A/P Thangaveloo
Nur Nadiah Bt Mohd Nizam

Millennium Care Dental Clinic, Simpang Ampat

Shalini A/P Paramesevan
Thropathi Ap Paskaran